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Let a pig farmer from the 1800's time your crypto market trades

I'm serious!! There was a prosperous Ohio farmer named Samuel Benner who was wiped out in the financial panic of 1873 and who started studying market cycles. The chart he created is below. Check out his chart. Look at 1999 and 2007. Right on the money. The Dot Com Crash and the Great Recession (mortgage related) Chart it.

You may be asking what does the stock market have to do with cryptocurrencies. Both are risk assets. Both respond to changes in the interest rates as we have just seen. When the macro environment goes they both go.

Remember, the crypto market today is worth 800 Billion (.8 Trillion).

S & P 500 Capitalization $40 Trillion (T)

US Bond Market Capitalization $46 Trillion

World Bond Market Capitalization $119 Trillion (2021)

World Equity Market Capitalization $122 Trillion

World Gold Market Capitalization $12 Trillion

What takes down the world markets takes down crypto

Crypto exaggerates to the upside and to the downside

Here is Greg Diamond a VERY successful options trader on the Benner cycle

Here is a post on The Rational Investor on the Benner cycle

Economist John Mauldin has said he expects the crash toward the latter part of the decade

The Great Reset Download by John Mauldin

"Of the roughly 750 currencies that have existed since 1700, only about 20 percent remain, and all of them have been devalued". - Ray Dalio Hedge Fund Manager

In the United States, the size of the financial sector as a percentage of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) grew from 2.8% in 1950 to 21% in 2019.

More and More money sucked up to the top until . . . . .

Highly Recommended Article by Avi Gilburt

Sentiment Speaks: It's The Roaring '20s Again - Begin To Prepare For The Same Ending

(I include the links as some don't transfer to certain social media)

Debt Articles

Where We Are in the Big Cycle of Money, Credit, Debt, and Economic Activity and the Changing Value of Money

Are we at the end of the debt supercycle?

The meaning of global debt approaching $300 trillion

3 Long Term Debt Cycle Chart Now and Beyond

Historian of the fall of the Hapsburg Spanish, Bourbon French and British Empires Niall Ferguson has said that empires fracture and fall when their cost of servicing debt surpasses their defense budget.


3 or 4 more good years and then . . . . . . . . .

Ray Dalio has said they might outlaw Bitcoin and Gold!!

“In economics, things take longer to happen than you think they will, and then they happen faster than you thought they could." Rudi Dornbusch - German economist

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