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Crypto Computer and Internet Security
Stop Crypto Hackers from stealing your Financial Future!!!



The group known as DarkSide (Colonial Pipeline attack)  set up a customer service hotline for companies hacked to pay ransoms through.

DarkSide is always thinking of it's customers.  Don't be one of em!!     Table of Contents

Get an Anti-virus Program if you don't already have one

Use a secure email address that is used only for your Crypto exchanges

Consider using two different secure email addresses if you have multiple exchange accounts  is based in Switzerland and uses end to end encryption.  Their employees can't read your mail.  They also have a free VPN.

Get a VPN  - Virtual Private Network

Proton free VPN

Use 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) 

Google Authenticator or Authy on any account where it is available.

Google Authenticator     Authy Authenticator     Microsoft Authenticator


Don 't use SMS 2FA

Use well known exchanges.  If you use an exchange domiciled outside the US make sure they have a United States MSB (Money Services Business license)

Consider using multiple exchange accounts for extra security

 Consider using a phone just for Crypto trading

( has inexpensive plans)

Lock Your SIM Card

Turn Off Remote Access on your computer

Do not download and use remote access applications.

If you turn on and grant a well known company remote access (for computer clean-up or something else) shut off access and delete their program (if a download) afterwards.


Contact exchanges and companies through the secure messaging app in your account or by official phone numbers and email addresses.


Keep One time use recovery passwords printed and offline in two secure locations. (see below) 1 in your safe deposit box if you have one.

No passwords or social security numbers in emails or online storage.


Turn on Auto Update on the software you use

Every day, the AV-TEST Institute registers over 450,000 new malicious programs (malware) and potentially unwanted applications (PUA).


Red Alarm by Binnance

Blockchain scanning for projects considered untrustworthy and carrying extremely high levels of risks.

by     Table of Contents


Use a complex password

Consider telling a story in your password with numbers and special characters.


You have a dog named Charlie that you love. Give him the last name $s and select a number and a special character if allowed. I love my dog Charlie$s2000 would be ILMDgC$s2000


Do Not store passwords in a file named Passwords.


If someone hacks into your computer they can search for a file named passwords. Put the passwords in a file with a different name. “Grocery list” is not something they are going to open. Put the passwords at the bottom of the grocery list with no identifier. Now * out some of the characters. ILMDgC**2*** Can you remember $s2000 are you final characters?


Even if your computer is stolen and they search your grocery list they still can't get into your account.

And you do have 2FA turned on don't you?


Password Managers - 1Password     LastPass 

Never give information over the phone or through email (unless you have called/contacted them) or social media to someone claiming to be from your account.  Your accounts will have a place for them to contact you.  Tell anyone calling you that you will check your account for their email and message.

Check suspicious links out by hovering.  The actual link address will show up in the bottom left corner above the start button in Windows or in a small window.  Check the spelling.

Google's Security Checkup

Recommended Reading

A crypto investor lost 120,000 from clicking on one Bad Link!

If someone takes control of your computer immediately shut it down by holding the On/Off switch down for five seconds.  Go to another computer and log back into your account and check your holdings.

Crypto scammers took a record $14 billion in 2021

The Booming Underground Market for Bots That Steal Your 2FA Codes

Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya Issues Crypto Warning, Predicts Industry’s ‘Honeypots’ Will Be Exposed

FBI Issues Warning to Crypto Stakeholders About Potential Cyber Attacks


Danger lurks in Cryptoland!!
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