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More than 1,000 AI experts and researchers ask for a pause in AI

Updated: Jan 3

Artificial Intelligence is going to be Big, Contentious and probably Dangerous. Here is an excerpt from an article and several AI coins to keep your eye on.

Artificial Intelligence Coins

I think the following headline is a bit over the top. At least I hope it is.

Excerpt from:

Yudkowsky says there is too much ignorance on just how self-aware and powerful new AI systems really are, which alone suggests developers should stop immediately and determine how to implement measures to safeguard the technology and protect life on Earth.

A group of more than 1,000 AI experts, researchers, backers as well as tech entrepreneurs including Elon Musk signed the open letter calling for a pause on AI development.

The power, promise and potential pitfalls of artificial intelligence burst on the scene in recent months amid an explosion in the use of AI-powered image creating tools like Midjourney and the rapid adoption of the OpenAI’s large language model ChatGPT.

Events are going to be happening in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence and Synthetic Biology domains with such rapidity I fear the future may spin a bit too fast!! Perhaps badly out of control!!

Keep in mind that we are 31 Trillion in debt and the whole world is 300 Trillion in debt. That Debt Bomb is going to go off some day and Bitcoin and Gold may be the safest investments that you can have.

It is Time to Start Thinking Long Term Financially


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