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Getting close to a bottom??

Great chart of previous lows and highs for the Bitcoin cycle!!

“For the day counts, we’re getting very close again to what we’ve seen in previous cycles… The first cycle here, 2014, we have 411 days. You see that from the top to the bottom, 411 days, from the peak to that low…

The next cycle was in 2018, 363 days, basically almost exactly one year, top to bottom, 363 days.

And at the moment, with the current low being middle of November, 376 days, as the peak was around early November. So this could still lead out into January, maybe for another bottom as well. And that would still be well within the timing of all previous cycles, which means that lines up very, very well with the previous cycles, and of course the halving event coming up in 2024.”

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