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Bitcoin @ $180,000? That would be nice!! Got my doubts. My bitcoin story.

I used Bitcoin to buy some of the smaller cryptos that it was the only trading option on, couple of years ago. Got in for a hold @ 33,0500. Passed on selling at the top, expecting a drop down but another run up (not understanding the relationship between interest rates and crypto). (see article below) Small amount of money in it.

Will probably sell @ $90,000 if it hits it this year and put the $$$ into one or two billion coin volume altcoins. Alts are where things can get interesting and teach you some lessons that while painful, make you a better trader. My recommendation is to stick to coins with at least a billion coin volume at some point in their history and learn the cycles of the market.

The logarithmic growth curve (LGC) model says $180,000 by late 2024.

How Interest Rates Affect Cryptocurrency

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