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Kevin O'leary (Shark Tank) big on ETH, SOL, MATIC, HNT and POLY

“I own everything. I have 32 positions. I don’t know which ones are going to work. I don’t need them all to work. I just need a few, huge positions in Ethereum, huge in Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, Helium, POLY – the new one I just took on.” . . .

“There’s all kinds of projects and the thinking for me is this, you go teach a class of MIT graduates in engineering right now. I do guest lecturing there. One-third of the class are entrepreneurial. Where do they want to go? They have no interest in working in any of the 11 sectors of the economy. They want to work on the blockchain. They want to be in crypto.

You can’t pour that much intellectual capital into something and not have great outcomes one day. It’s like being [at] the beginning of the internet and I’m talking about the smartest, brightest men and women from around the world saying screw everything else, I want to work on crypto.”

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